Hydrocarbon usage in many sector

Some chemicals consisting of carbon and hydrogen (hydrocarbons). Hydrocarbons used in industry, especially in the petroleum industry and liquid asphalt. The chemical energy stored in hydrocarbon, constituting elements are carbon and hydrogen. Hydrocarbons acquired the energy from the Sun when plants use the sunshine during the process of photosynthesis to produce glucose.

Glucose, the simplest carbohydrate flow in the blood stream so that it is available to all body cells. The body’s cells to absorb the glucose. The sugar is then oxidized by cells (burned) with the help of the oxygen we breathe into energy and CO2 gas in the form of respiration (breathing). The resulting energy and not used will be stored under the skin tissue in the form of fat. Combustion reaction of sugars in the body:
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Positive and Negative effect of Air polution

To be able to cope with the onset of air pollution can be done several efforts among other things: replace the fuel motor vehicle fuels that do not produce carbon monoxide gas and combustion to be achieved also happens to perfectly take place, in addition to processing/recycling or the waste-filtering industry, greening to make the process of photosynthesis (children’s Act as the lungs of the city), and didn’t do the burning forests in vain, as well as doing reforestation/replanting replacement trees are important thing to open the land which is not completed by burning the forests, but rather mechanical manner.

The impact of the negative and positive impacts
Above you have learned that air pollution can give a negative impact to the living thing, humans, animals and plants. Forest fires and volcanoes erupting led to many animals who lost shelter, many dead animals and plants even extinct. Sulfur oxide gases (SO2 and this loses) reacts with water vapor, and rain may cause the occurrence of acid rain, which can damage buildings, bridges, statues of dead vegetation resulting in or cannot grow. Carbon monoxide Gas when it is sucked into the lungs react with haemoglobin led to blood poisoning and many more negative effects caused by air pollution.
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Air polution

Air humidity depends on the concentration of water vapor, and different H2O concentration in each area. Condition of the air in the atmosphere is never found in the net, but is already mixed with other gases and particulate matter-particulates that we don’t need.

Gases and particulate matter-particulates that come from nature and also activity resulting from human activity is persistent into the air and littering/pollute the air in the troposphere layer is particularly atmospheric layers.

When these contaminants from the measurement results with the parameters that have been determined by ingredient concentration of its pollutants through the WHO threshold (a concentration that can still be addressed), it is stated in the State’s air is polluted.
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Plastic and recycle system

Unlike other natural materials, plastic is non-biodegradable. Based on the information, 30% the volume of garbage in the United States consists of plastic.

Generally the plastic waste is handled in a way to be buried or burned in the incinerator. However, both have a way of resolving the problem. The plastic will not rot buried while burying place plastic land increasingly difficult. Burning plastic would cause pollution. For example, the burning of PVC produces hydrogen chloride gas (HCl) or chlorine (2). Here are a few ways considered for tackling plastic.

a. Recycling
Termoplast plastic can be reformed through warm up. It can also being polymer so obtained the serial number on the back. However, it is difficult to sort out all kind of plastic waste. Plastic waste is often a mix of different types. Thus also contain plastic, color pigment, and a mix of other ingredients. As a result, he repeated the cycle most results is plastic with a lower quality and less economic value.
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Utilization of ozone layer

The utilization of ozone has been performed more than a hundred years ago. Ozone was first in use by Nies from France in 1906 to clean drinking water. Starting from this Nies success in various European countries the use of ozone for drinking water processing is thriving.

In Asia, the utilization of ozone to treating drinking water was first made in the city of Nagasaki, Japan, in 1973. However, at the time of utilization is limited only to eliminate odors. In America, the utilization of ozone include slow, ozone was used first on the water treatment center in Los Angeles in 1987.
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